Getting Started with hotlaps

hotlaps is quick and easy to set up - watch our getting started guide to learn
how you can record your laps and compare yourself against others.

Step 1 - Install the Desktop Client

In order to collect your data for comparison, Hotlaps requires that you install a small desktop application on your computer. Follow these instructions to set up the client.

Step 2 - Choose Your Track

Datapacks have very fast laps for you to compare yourself against. They also list the exact conditions that you have to follow to have a similar comparison lap.

Go to the Datapacks page, select a Datapack, and choose a track that you want to run and improve on. Keep an eye out for the conditions (weather, car, setup, etc.) listed for the datapack as well.

Step 3 - Run Your Laps

Head out on the track and run as many laps as you need to in order to produce a lap that you feel comfortably represents your skill level. You can run as many laps as necessary. You should hear a noise from the Hotlaps client every time a lap is completed and recorded successfully.

Step 4 - Compare Your Lap

Go back to the Datapack and select the track that you are comparing against, and, on the left side of the screen, select the “Compare to My Fastest Lap” option. This will allow you to see exactly how the comparison driver is using their inputs compared to you. We suggest that you use your Data Framework to learn how to break apart and use the data.

Step 5 - Repeat & Explore

Keep going back and forth on track and in hotlaps to find more pace! We release a new track in the Driver61 datapack each week for you to use to learn more, so keep an eye out of those new challenges. You can also use community laps as a benchmark for comparison or our professional add on datapacks.